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DOMO nHance PL32H Polaroid Passive Circular Polarized 3D Glasses


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Adding value to your 3D experience! The DOMO nHance PL32H promises a competitive advantage of sheer entertainment for you. These glasses are very stylish and lightweight. They entirely cover the eyes with comfort and you will find good viewing area. Its streamlined and robust frame provides a good balance making it comfortable to wear even for long hours. Now experience 3D vision at home or office like as if you are in a 3D cinema hall. The Circular Polarized technology provides a cheaper alternative to other expensive shutter technology without compensating on the user experience. They do not require power or communication with the display to synchronize, making it easy to carry and use over longer periods of time. Since they do not involve any transmitting, they do not suffer from flickering and are extremely lightweight as compared to conventional shutter glasses. Built with durable materials; these glasses can be washed and reused. The frame of these glasses are coated with protective lamination and protects the glasses against dust, sweat and dirt. These 3D glasses are compatible with Polarized 3D TV(circular), RealD Cinema and Masterimage Cinema.