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Kinect Sports Season 2 (Kinect Required) (for Xbox 360)


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Indulge in fun gaming competitions by playing a variety of sports with your friends in the new season of Kinect Sports: Season Two. The video game contains new sporting events including skiing and many more, allowing you to experience the thrill of gaming right in your living room. The sequel to Kinect Sports has an array of improvements over its predecessor that compensate towards accelerating the fun element in the game.

The game is targeted towards casual users who like playing video games with their friends and family. The sports game has many interesting features for gamers of all ages. The game DVD is available for the Xbox-360 and can be played by everyone in the family as it comes with an Everyone rating from ESRB.

Synopsis and Features

Kinect Sports: Season Two is built for one thing – to give users the maximum benefit of motion-sense gaming. With the inclusion of different sports, Kinect Sports: Season Two broadens the variety of content offered in a sports game. It’s a must-have, if you are having your friends over or if want to brush up on your gaming skills. Developed by Rare and BigPark and published by Microsoft Studios, Kinect Sports: Season Two expands the advantage of motion-sensing gaming.

You will need a Kinect sensor to play the games as the sensor tracks and monitors your hand and body movements to match them against the in-game elements. This is a fun-filled and exciting experience as you every movement, big or small, will be tracked, allowing you to control your in-game avatar.

The single-player mode in the game allows you to access 6 games to choose from that include golf, tennis, baseball, darts, skiing and American football. The inclusion of 6 games helps add in variety to the game content, enhancing the gameplay value. Kinect Sports: Season Two allows you to activate the game by voice activation. Just voice the commands and the Kinect sensor will recognize your instructions and activate any game mode you want. This is very helpful as you don’t need to go to the console physically and press the buttons to get what you want.

The Kinect sensor’s biggest advantage is that you don’t need a controller. This helps you take full control of the game, allowing you to enjoy the gaming experience to the maximum. The multiplayer mode in the game allows you team up with friends or family and indulge in gaming competitions. If you like to challenge your friends who are in a different part of the city or even country, you can do it with this game as it allows hosting challenges through Xbox LIVE. You can do this easily by hosting a challenge and asking your friends to complete it when they log into the game.

The game throws in plenty of challenges and is useful because you have to use hand or leg gestures to achieve the desired result. This also helps you in giving you a physical workout, allowing you to indulge in a healthy gameplay experience. The updates, demos and wallpapers for the game can be downloaded from the Xbox Marketplace.

Title Name
  • Kinect Sports Season 2 (Kinect Required)
  • Xbox 360
  • Standard Edition
  • Full Game
  • Microsoft Studios

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