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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 (Limited Edition) (for Xbox 360)


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Take careful aim from behind the shadows and line up your sights. Adjust the scope of your heavy duty sniper rifle to bring the crosshair in sync with the target’s soft-spot. Take a deep breath and let your heartbeat slow down, sufficient to steady your hands long enough to gently squeeze the trigger and let the bullet rip through and take down the target. This is the life of a sniper, an ace marksman who takes down multiple targets all by himself using only a high powered sniper rifle, his wits, the environment around him and sound military tactics and strategy. The game Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Limited Edition takes you through the life of an ace Sniper who gets behind enemy lines in order to destroy the enemy from within. Playing the part of an ideal sniper, you are able to take down multiple targets with the help of the environment and your discipline.

Synopsis and Features

The Ghost Warrior 2 game has an enhanced Limited Edition which introduces players to various multiplayer packs, maps and new characters. The most noted among them is Captain Cody Anderson who goes by the Call-sign Sandman. Sandman is a high ranking sniper in the army who used to be a member of the Delta Squad. Sandman comes with an exclusive ghilie suit, the camouflage that snipers wear to avoid detection. This is usually made by the snipers themselves using the material and foliage available around the nest. The ghilie suit allows you to perfectly blend in with the surrounding environment and keeps you well hidden even at moderate distances.

lot of factors come into play when a sniper calculates his shot. The gravity, wind speed and even the position of the sun has to be accounted for. Most often, a sniper is accompanied by a spotter, someone who lines up targets for him to eliminate. This usually happens during difficult missions where multiple targets are involved and quick successive shots are necessary. Both the spotter and the sniper need to be well hidden in order to avoid detection. The sniper usually takes point when it comes to missions and is responsible for selecting the best possible vantage point to take the shot. This place is referred to as the Nest.

The onus of the mission rests solely on you, as Snipers do not travel in Squads. You need to make the choice on whether a target is worth taking out or if it would just be too much trouble to eliminate and is easier to just ignore. A Sniper also has to keep a careful count on his ammunition so as not to run out of it. A Sniper Rifle can hold only a limited number of rounds and Bolt action rifles require time to reload. All these are factors that need to be taken into account before choosing equipment for a particular mission. Timing your shots is a critical aspect of your mission. Get the timing wrong and an enemy might see your victim fall and raise the alarm.

The game Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Limited Edition is designed for the Xbox 360 and carries a rating of 18 and above by PEGI. The rating is due to the depiction of blood, gore and military grade violence. The game uses the very latest version of the CryEngine, which is the same game engine that powers Crysis. The weapon physics also has been well designed keeping in mind the reactions of a real world sniper rifle. City Interactive is the company that published the game.


  • Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 takes all the breathless anticipation, precise controls and skillful fun of sniping and mixes it with stealth and silent elimination play, action scenes, a cooperative move playbook
  • Night vision and thermo vision goggles to use in limited visibility situations
  • Multiple and varied locations including urban, jungle, mountain environments

Limited Edition includes:

Exclusive Multiplayer Character – Captain Cody “Sandman” Anderson.

  • Game protagonist, ex delta-force sniper wearing an exclusive ghilie suit. Anderson joined the marine corp after high-school and trained as a scout-sniper, attached the elite marine’s “Force Recon” unit. Anderson is descended from a long line of American soldiers.

Bonus Sniper Rifle for Multiplayer Modes – Vintorez

  • The “Thread Cutter” has an integral suppressor which wraps around the barrel. Gas operated, selective fire weapon. The Longstroke gas piston is located above the barrel. The rotating bolt has 6 lugs and locks into the receiver, which is machined from solid steel for greater strength.
Title Name
  • Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2
  • Xbox 360
  • Limited Edition
  • Full Game
  • Sniper
  • First-Person Shooter
Video Encoding
  • PAL
Game Modes
  • Single-Player, Multi-Player
  • City Interactive
  • 18

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