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Yaiba : Ninja Gaiden Z (Special Edition) (for Xbox 360)


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In the world of ninjas, luck favours the brave, stealthy, powerful and shrewd. A single-player third-person hack and slash action video game for the Xbox 360 consoleYaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z has been developed by Team Ninja, Spark Unlimited and Comcept and published by Tecmo Koei.

Rated 18 by PEGI, the storyline of Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z follows a mighty ninja named Yaiba Kamikaze who was once a highly skilled ninja who the rest of his clan were pitted against to test the latter’s strength and abilities. Eventually, however, Yaiba grew tired of the arduous task he was given and lashed out in a fit of insanity, killing most of his comrades except for a few survivors who he left for dead. He then meets Ryu Hayabusa, the mainstay of the franchise, and challenges him with the claim that Ryu is by far the weakest ninja of the lot that he has encountered. During battle with Ryu, Yaiba loses his left eye and arm, and thereafter dies.
Years later, Yaiba is reanimated by a mysterious organization who restore his destroyed body parts with mechanized replicas and turn him into a cyborg. With a zombie outbreak threatening the well-being of the planet, Ryu is set on a mission to find the source of the infection; learning this, Zaiba decides to help the organization that revived him in thwarting the zombie infection so that he can exact his revenge on Ryu.

The gameplay of Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z incorporates elements that are similar to that of previous titles. The player, as Yaiba, can jump, run, block and attack enemies by utilizing Yaiba’s blade. The right side of the screen shows a score multiplier which displays the accumulated hit-count of the player on enemies. The Bloodlust Mode replaces the Ultimate Technique Mode which other installments featured; when Bloodlust Mode is triggered, Yaiba can annihilate numerous enemies who surround him in rapid succession.

Title Name
  • Yaiba : Ninja Gaiden Z
  • Xbox 360
  • Special Edition
  • Full Game
  • Action-Adventure
Video Encoding
  • PAL
Game Modes
  • Single-Player
  • Tecmo Koei
  • 18

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Xbox 360